No. Position Title (Parenthetical Title, if applicable) Plantilla Item No. Salary/ Job/ Pay Grade Monthly Salary Qualification Standards Place of Assignment
Education Training Experience Eligibility Competency         (if applicable)
1 Driver II 142-5 4 12674 Elementary School Graduate none required none required Driver License (MC 11, s. 96-Cat. II) n/a REGION VII
1 Bookkeeper 146-5 8 16282 Completion of two years studies in college 4 hours relevant training 1 year relevant experience CS (Subprofessional) n/a REGION VII
1 Senior Agriculturist 151-21 18 38085 Bachelor's degree in Agriculture or other allied courses such as Agricultural Engineering, Fisheries Technology and Veterinary Medicine 8 hours of relevant training 2 years of relevant experience Relevant RA 1080 n/a REGION VII